Contest prize roundup

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As promised; the prizes for the lip synch contest are going to be big! Remember there are 4 categories and a prize for the top performers in each one. Cash and prizes total more than $2,000!! If there are no qualified entries , I will drop this stuff off at that orphanage right outside of town. Maybe one of these prizes will spark your interest:

Spark DJI drone ($700 value)

wireless beats (the real ones not the bootleg Madagascar version)

Samsung tablet

rechargable Bluetooth waterproof speaker.

And cold hard cash!!!!!!!!!

Get your game on!



Please vote for your favorite design.

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If you see a design you like here please let me know. you can do so by adding a comment below.  If you think they all suck; I happen to know that you don’t have 4.5 credits in art from a very prestigious junior college and therefore your opinion is invalid. I am trying to finalize this order sooner rather than later.





Dive in



TRI mexico

Dive in



South of the border!!!!!!!

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If there was any confusion on when and where this event Is taking place, this post will serve as a public service notice/announcement:

first the requisite stereotypical cinematic reference photo:

I took third place in a three man jalapeno eating contest.


also some lyrics from “Sweet baby James”

“Who is sweet baby james uncle Garrett?”

if you don’t know…..you better axe somebody.


Way down here, you need a reason to move. Feel a fool running your stateside games
Lose your load, leave your mind behind, Baby James
Woh, Mexico, it sounds so simple, I just got to go
The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home, guess I’ll have to go now

“Americano” got the sleepy eye but his body’s still shaking like a live wire
Sleepy senorita with the eyes on fire
Woh, Mexico. It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low
Moon’s so bright, like to light up the night, make everything all right

Baby’s hungry and the money’s all gone
The folks back home don’t want to talk on the phone
She gets a long letter, sends back a postcard, times are hard
Woh, down in Mexico, I never really been so I don’t really know
Woh, Mexico, I guess I’ll have to go
Woh, Mexico, I never really been but I’d sure like to go
And oh, Mexico, I guess I’ll have to go now
Talking bout Mexico. Big ol’ honkey-tonk down in Mexico



Also where this chica’ is from for the Nikelodeon crowd:




Your time to shine!

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IF you fancy  yourself a performer and like nice stuff, this is your time to shine! There will be a lip-syncing contest Wednesday night on the beach! The prizes are real prizes, like cash or rewards of immeasurable worth and value. You pick a song, sign up (sign up sheet will be available soon) and then get up and perform for the group. The group will be the judges in these  different categories:

  1. Solo performer younger than 18
  2. Solo performer Older than 18
  3. Group (two or more performers regardless of age)
  4. Group youth (two or more performers both are under 18)


The judging categories will be:

  1. Accuracy of lip synching
  2. Stage presence/believability
  3. Passion



Soooo; then there’s that.

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Turns out that the “perfect” house described in an earlier post is no longer available. But; and its a very big but. ( I like big buts and I cannot lie)





We scrambled and found three houses next to each other that will also work and they were available. The overall room count actually goes up, and the cost difference is negligible. I have sifted through the headcount several times to make sure everyone has a workable space. We reserved and confirmed these houses and I have sent in the deposits for each. If you have sent me a portion of your expected costs; Thank you! (RANE)


update: Aaron also gave me money.

And the dates changed to the 9th-14th


Debi is keeping track of the payments. No she is not in charge of who gets what room so don’t even try it. If you need help with the maths please feel free to call, your information will be kept anonymous.



Event T-shirts will be ready soon!

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Housing secured…almost

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There are only three places in the whole of Rocky point mexico (that are not resorts) that will house the entire population. One of them is rented, and the other two are right next to each other in Las Conchas. We have been in contact with both and found; I believe, the better of the two locations. 14 bedrooms spread out over 5 separate houses in one two acre compound. 14 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms with enough beds to sleep 36. Counting football sized babies we will be at 42 by my count so there will be some wee tikes on blowup beds but everyone will have their own space and we will have 5 separate kitchens and food storage places to juggle the food making duties. The property is on the beach and literally the fourth house inside the gated community so town is a 3 minute drive if necessary for any supplies. To secure the property they are requesting a deposit of 1/2 now and the other 1/2 two weeks before the rental. The compound will be rented for OCT 7-13 6 nights and seven days. Debi and I will send the deposit to secure the rental. My proposal is each family unit will be assigned a dollar amount they are responsible for and you can send half to me (when you can) and then the other half three weeks before the event, or mid September. The rental all in assuming we get back all deposits, no damage, etc… is $8500. Here is how I propose we break that out. Any other thoughts I would be open to listening to. Each adult; 18+ years, counts a full share. each child, not including newborns, counts a 1/4 share. The math would look like this:
25 adults
15 kids (times .25 = 3.75)
or: 28.75 shares total divided into $8500 = $295 a share
so a family like Haleigh and Dane, for example, would be three shares, two adults, one share each and 4 kids (equaling a third share), or $885.
a family like Aaron and Mandy would be two and a half shares or $737.50
If you struggle with the maths please contact me directly for a walk through.

I am really looking forward to the trip and relaxing alongside all of you beachside in Mexico!


2017 will be here before you know it.

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all gathered at Big Bear CA and enjoying family and each others company. So much has changed since then it seems like an eternity ago. Those that were in attendance then committed to setting up a similar event in 2017 to keep the spirit of that gathering from fading away. I have personally looked into nearly every possibility that I could imagine for our group considering size, ages, travel, and budget. I looked at dude ranches, campgrounds, cabins, condos and every variation of destination hotel there is at dozens of locations. The two determining factors that cannot be bent when looking for a destination are the size, (we will be 35 people plus) and the budget. I do not believe that there is a spot that takes these two factors into account and does it as well as Rocky Point Mexico. There are several houses that can accommodate our group, and the cost is half what the average lodging would be in many other settings. When you account for the fact the house will literally be on the beach, comparing that to California the cost seems too good to be true. Several of those invited have traveled there, either on your own or seperatley and know what to expect. If you have not been there, I will tell you that it is as safe as any place inside of the US. regardless of what your buddies, friend from work says. Obvisously there have been no plans made at this time, only my thoughts and investigation. Any input will be taken and considered. Looking forward to 2017 no matter where we end up.

I have also updated the tabs above for lodging and food with any current information.


mexico 4
mexico 5

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